Atlax's diary

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Atlax's diary
Atlax's diary.png
Released23 March 2022 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsRead, Drop
ExamineAn old diary.
Value30 coins
High alch18 coins
Low alch12 coins
Weight0.226 kg
Advanced data
Item ID26876
Atlax's diary detail.png

Atlax's diary is a book that may be received from the Rewards Guardian after a game of Guardians of the Rift.

Written by Atlax, the diary details their experiences exploring the Temple of the Eye while working for Pharana. Pharana, in turn, was asked to clear the site by Justiciar Aliya following the battle that occurred when a rift to the scar was opened. While exploring the temple, Atlax documents several discoveries, including a cache of Eye amulets and a mysterious stone guardian tasked with protecting the temple.

The book can also be found in the bookcases in a player-owned house if the player has previously read the book.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

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Rewards GuardianN/A Casket.png11/20

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Atlax's diary.
Bennath 15th

We arrived at the site today. When I was first told about it, I didn't believe the stories of how grand it was. Turns out I was right not to. Sure, being in a giant air bubble under the sea is quite exciting, but beyond that, there isn't really anything remarkable here.

Perhaps the temple lived up to the stories before the battle, but now there's just a big hole in the wall, some strange symbols on the floor that kind of freak me out and a whole lot of rubble.

According to Pharana, the Justiciar of the Lion wants no time wasted. We start work tomorrow. Guess I'm just going to have to get used to the smell of fish.

Bennath 16th

Just a short entry today. My arms are tired after hours of moving rubble around.

All day I had this strange feeling like I was being watched, but it's probably just the fish. Sometimes they swim too close to the air bubble and fall through.

I didn't ever think that I'd be in danger of falling fish, but I suppose this is my life now.

Bennath 17th

Another thrilling day of soggy bread and wet boots. 'Clear the path!' 'Move that rubble!' - Pharana has been barking all day. I pray she never finds this diary. She'd throw me out of the bubble to drown if she ever discovered the things I've written about her.

We've only been here a few days, but I'm starting to feel more and more uneasy about this place. There's a strange energy here.

Bennath 18th

Today I found a hidden cache of amulets with eye symbols on them. I reported it to Pharana and she thanked me for the good work, smiling as she did. It was a nice change from her usual demeanour, and it was good to feel like I'd achieved more than just moving rubble around.

Interestingly, as she walked away, I heard her mutter something like 'Could it be true? Perhaps the justiciar has some explaining to do.' I don't know what she meant, but I wonder if there's more to our work here than we realised.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my robes after I slipped on one of those blasted fish. Thankfully, Pharana didn't seem to mind. I think I'll take advantage of her good mood and take an early night tonight. I haven't been sleeping well recently. I blame those pesky fish.

Bennath 19th

There was an odd tremor today. Nothing too alarming, but it did shake free some rubble I'd been trying to clear. Beneath it, I noticed some strange stones. I wasn't able to dig them out, but I reckon I can get to them if I continue tomorrow.

I also managed to find time today to imbue this diary with a spell to keep it dry. I just wish the spell would work on my boots as well.

Bennath 20th

I was able to uncover those strange stones I saw yesterday, and by Saradomin do I regret doing so. They weren't actually stones at all, but some sort of statue. I went to report my discovery, but as soon as I turned around, I had this funny feeling like I was being followed. The statue had come to life!

I tried all sorts of things, but the statue wouldn't leave my side. This stinks like old, forbidden magic, and I fear Pharana will scold me for being near it, even if it's no fault of my own. She may have been nice to me the other day, but I know what knights are like. I won't bet my life on her being any different.

The statue seems relatively harmless at least. It looks to be made of a similar material to the magical stone in the temple. Within the centre of its body is some sort of swirling, green core. It also appears to be somewhat obedient. At least, it didn't mind me disguising it amongst a pile of rubble for the night.

Bennath 21st

I've named the creature 'Egg' due to the uncanny shape of its head. I didn't expect a reply when I asked what it was doing here, but to my great surprise, Egg spoke. 'We guard the rift,' it said. I followed up with a multitude of questions and quickly discovered Egg to not be the oversharing type. That said, if the questions are specific enough, it usually gives some form of answer. Here's what Egg has said so far:

'We are a collection of energy. The concept of me or I does not apply beyond one's body. We are constant, as was intended.'

'Many bodies were destroyed in the battle. This body was trapped, our energy bound to the stone.'

'The rift to the Scar may open once more. We protect it for the justiciar.'

I can't say I really understand what it means, but it seems Egg is aware of the justiciar. Considering the multiple energies in one body bit, I guess I should also refer to Egg as 'them' now.

Bennath 22nd

Pharana has sent for additional support which should arrive in a few days. I hope they bring something other than fish.

I've been keeping Egg hidden in a compartment behind some large kelp. The problem is they only stay there for a while before trying to leave. I've asked them multiple times to stay hidden, but Egg doesn't seem to understand the amount of trouble I could get in for this.

While trying to keep them hidden, I asked Egg some more questions. Here's what Egg said in response:

'Our bodies are energised essence. Energy is everywhere. Altars are where we gather.'

'Keep the forces in check. The entrance is where they meet. Guard the rift.'

Bennath 23rd

Egg seems increasingly restless. They mentioned something about a sacred stone today, whatever that means.

I've decided I can't keep them a secret. With the growing risk of Egg revealing themselves, and the important information they seem to hold, it's time I take this to Pharana.

I suspect she won't thank me with a smile this time. I've kept Egg secret for too long. This may be my last entry for a while.