Attack/Weapons table

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Attack Level Weapon Other requirements
1 Bronze weapons.png Bronze None.[1]
1 Iron weapons.png Iron None.[1]
1 Machete (weapon).png Machetes None.
5 Steel weapons.png Steel None.[1]
10 Black weapons.png Black None.[1]
10 White equipment.png White Completion of the Wanted! quest.
15 Ancient mace.png Ancient mace Prayer 25 and partial completion of Another Slice of H.A.M.
20 Mithril weapons.png Mithril None.[1]
30 Adamant weapons.png Adamant None.[1]
30 Battlestaff.png Battlestaves Magic 30
30 Swamp lizard.png Swamp lizard Ranged 30 Magic 30
40 Brine sabre.png Brine sabre None.
40 Mystic staves.png Mystic staves Magic 40
40 Rune weapons.png Rune None.[1]
42 Void knight mace.png Void knight mace Attack 42 ,Strength ,Defence ,Hitpoints ,Ranged ,Magic , and Prayer 22
50 Ancient staff.png Ancient staff 50 Magic and completion of Desert Treasure.
50 Granite maul.png Granite maul Strength 50
50 Iban's staff.png Iban's staff 50 Magic and completion of Underground Pass.
50 Leaf-bladed spear.png Leaf-bladed spear Slayer 55
50 Leaf-bladed sword.png Leaf-bladed sword Slayer 55
50 Orange salamander.png Orange salamander Ranged 50 Magic 50
60 Barrelchest anchor.png Barrelchest anchor Strength 40 and completion of Great Brain Robbery.
60 Dragon weapons.png Dragon The dragon longsword and dragon dagger require completion of the Lost City quest.
The dragon mace and dragon battleaxe require completion of the Heroes' Quest.
The dragon halberd requires completion of Regicide.[1]
The dragon scimitar requires completion of Monkey Madness I.
60 Obsidian weapons.png Obsidian The Obsidian maul (Tzhaar-ket-om) instead requires Strength 60 , with no attack requirement.
The Obsidian staff also requires Magic 60
60 Red salamander.png Red salamander Ranged 60 Magic 60
60 Viggora's chainmace.png Viggora's chainmace None.
65 3rd age longsword.png 3rd age longsword None.
65 Leaf-bladed battleaxe.png Leaf-bladed battleaxe Slayer 55
65 Sarachnis cudgel.png Sarachnis cudgel None.
70 Abyssal bludgeon.png Abyssal bludgeon Strength 70
70 Abyssal dagger.png Abyssal dagger None.
70 Abyssal whip.png Abyssal whip None.
70 Avernic defender.png Avernic defender Defence 70
70 Barrows weapons.png Barrows Strength 70 for Dharok's greataxe and Torag's hammers.
Magic 70 for Ahrim's staff.
70 Black salamander.png Black salamander Ranged 70 Magic 70
70 Saradomin sword.png Saradomin sword None.
70 Zamorakian spear.png Zamorakian spear (Hasta) None.
75 Abyssal tentacle.png Abyssal tentacle None.
75 Arclight.png Arclight Completion of Shadow of the Storm.
75 Elder maul.png Elder maul Strength 75
75 Godsword.png Godswords None.
75 Saradomin's blessed sword.png Saradomin's blessed sword None.
75 Staff of the dead.pngToxic staff of the dead.png Staff of the dead (Toxic) Magic 75
80 Ghrazi rapier.png Ghrazi rapier None.
80 Blade of saeldor.png Blade of Saeldor None.
80 Inquisitor's mace.png Inquisitor's mace None.
80 Scythe of vitur.png Scythe of vitur Strength 90
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