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Ava's devices are a series of backpacks that attract a percentage of the ammunition fired during Ranged combat. They can be obtained from Ava, requiring the quest Animal Magnetism, as well as a minimum ranged level. There are three devices, each attracting a higher percentage of fired ammunition:

These ammunition recovery benefits can be received in Castle Wars and Soul Wars by using the appropriate Ava's device or Max cape variant on Lanthus and on Nomad, respectively.

Comparison of Recovery Rates
Device Recovery Rate Effectiveness [n 1]
Ava's attractor inventory image Ava's attractor 60% 2.5
Ava's accumulator inventory image Ava's accumulator 72% 3.57
Ava's assembler inventory image Ava's assembler 80% 5
  1. ^ The amount of times a given piece of ammunition can be used, on average, before being broken or lost.