Avium Savannah

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The Avium Savannah is a large plain located within Varlamore. The Colossal Wyrm is known to inhabit the Savannah,[1] as well as a group of Imcando dwarves living underground, who at one point enlisted the help of an unnamed adventurer from Hosidius to help subdue a demon that was capable of summoning torrential rainstorms.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Bloody diary, Old School RuneScape. "In my travels throughout the Shining Kingdom, I have bested many mighty creatures. From the Colossal Wyrm of the Avium Savannah to the Cloud Titan of Tempestus, I am proud to proclaim myself as a master slayer."
  2. ^ Bloody diary, Old School RuneScape. "I recall encountering a particularly nasty demon capable of summoning torrential rainstorms in the Avium Savannah. Being requested by a group of dwarves underground to quell the demon's rage..."