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A baked potato is a food item that heals 4 Hitpoints and can be made with a Cooking level of 7. It is made by using a potato on a range. Making a baked potato gives 15 Cooking experience.

To add toppings to a baked potato, a pat of butter must first be added to make a potato with butter. After that, further toppings can be added to make:

Due to players wanting to add toppings to potatoes, it can be lucrative to bake and sell potatoes. A guide for making money with this method can be found here: Baking potatoes.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Cooking Cooking715
Member icon.png
Ticks1 (0.6s) [r 1]
ToolsNoneFacilitiesCooking range icon.png Cooking range
Total Cost51
pxBaked potato1149
  1. Make-all is 1, then 3, then 4 ticks.

Products[edit | edit source]

px Potato with butter
  • 39 Cooking
px Potato with butter
  • 39 Cooking