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A ball of wool is used in the Crafting skill to create jewellery. It can also be used to make some items on a loom. It is created by using wool with a spinning wheel, which grants a player 2.5 Crafting experience. Ned in Draynor Village will exchange four balls of wool for a rope.

Balls of wool are also the final ingredient in making dynamite, where it acts as the fuse for the dynamite pot. Balls of wool are also used in several quests; Sheep Shearer being the most prominent one, where you need 20 of them.

Balls of wool can also be purchased from the following shops:

If you're planning on buying balls of wool from a shop, it's recommended that you buy them from Neitiznot Supplies, as it carries the largest stock of any store and has a bank in the same room.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Baby impling Multicombat.png1Common
Baby impling jar Multicombat.png1Common
Ice troll female82 Multicombat.png1–42 (noted)Uncommon
Ice troll grunt100 Multicombat.png1–42 (noted)Uncommon
Ice troll male82 Multicombat.png1–42 (noted)Uncommon
Ice troll runt74 Multicombat.png1–50 (noted)Uncommon
Imp2; 7 Multicombat.png18/128