Ballad of Enchantment

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Ballad of Enchantment (#20)
Released 15 March 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Ardougne Monastery
Unlock hint This track unlocks south of Ardougne.
Quest No
Instruments Electric Piano 1, Harpsichord, Celesta, Timpani, String Ensemble 1, String Ensemble 2, Choir Aahs, French Horn, Oboe, Flute, Percussion
Duration 03:27
Composer Ian Taylor

Ballad of Enchantment is a music track that is unlocked at the Ardougne Monastery and the Clock Tower.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
1 March 2018

Added unlock hint for this track: 'This track unlocks south of Ardougne.'

22 February 2018

The track was renamed from 'Ballad Of Enchantment' to 'Ballad of Enchantment'.

15 March 2004

Added to game as 'Ballad Of Enchantment' and set to play south of Ardougne.