Balloon transport system/Taverley

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This solution is used when flying to Taverley using the balloon transport system.

Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3
Balloon path (Taverley, 1).png
Balloon path (Taverley, 2).png
Balloon path (Taverley, 3).png
  1. Drop sandbag (x1)
  2. Burn log (x1)
  3. Relax (x9)
  4. Pull RED rope (x1)
  5. Relax (x2)
  6. Pull normal rope (x1)
  7. Relax (x5)
  1. Burn log (x1)
  2. Relax (x1)
  3. Burn log (x1)
  4. Relax (x10)
  5. Burn log (x1)
  6. Relax (x5)
  1. Relax (x7)
  2. Pull RED rope (x1)
  3. Pull normal rope (x1)
  4. Relax (x3)
  5. Burn log (x1)
  6. Relax (x4)
  7. Pull normal rope (x1)