Bandages (Theatre of Blood)

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Bandages (Theatre of Blood).png
Released3 June 2021 (Update)
Quest itemA Night at the Theatre
DestroyThe vampyres might send you more if they like your performance.
ExamineA box of bandages for healing.
Value10 coins
High alch6 coins
Low alch4 coins
Weight0.001 kg
Advanced data
Item ID25730
Bandages (Theatre of Blood) detail.png

Bandages are a consumable item obtainable during the Theatre of Blood entry mode. They restore 20 hitpoints, 29[confirmation needed] prayer points, and 20% run energy when consumed. They also cure poison, boost the player's combat stats, and provide the effect of a stamina potion.

Bandages act as a food item, and therefore delay the player's next attack when consumed during combat. They can be combo eaten with potions and/or cooked karambwan.

10 bandages can be claimed from the rewards chest after defeating the Pestilent Bloat and another 10 become available after defeating Sotetseg. The chest can only contain a maximum of 10 bandages, so uncollected bandages are deleted.

Stat boosts to Attack, Strength and Defence are one level lower than the corresponding super potion, and are calculated with:

Ranged boost is equal to a ranging potion, and is calculated with:

Magic boost is a static +4, equal to a magic potion.

Melee Level Boost Melee Level Boost Melee Level Boost
1-6 +4 34-39 +9 67-73 +14
7-13 +5 40-46 +10 74-79 +15
14-19 +6 47-53 +11 80-86 +16
20-26 +7 54-59 +12 87-93 +17
27-33 +8 60-66 +13 94-99 +18
Ranged Level Boost Ranged Level Boost
1-9 +4 50-59 +9
10-19 +5 60-69 +10
20-29 +6 70-79 +11
30-39 +7 80-89 +12
40-49 +8 90-99 +13

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 February 2022

The red cross symbol has been changed to a red asterisk to comply with Article 53 of the 1949 Geneva Convention I as well as Section 6 of the United Kingdom's Geneva Conventions Act 1957.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Bandages (Theatre of Blood) detail v1.png
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Bandages (Theatre of Blood) v1.png
3 June 2021 –
16 February 2022
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