Bandits of the Golden Claw

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The Bandits of the Golden Claw were a criminal organisation formerly operating on the fringes of Kandarin and the northern Gnome Empire. Little of the gang's early history is known. The gang's final recorded activity is detailed in the recently discovered journal of a gang member, Arthur Artimus. The gang's history is explored in the Eagles' Peak quest.

The Golden Claw organisation attempted to raid the Gnome Stronghold and established a subterranean base of operations beneath Eagles' Peak in northern Kandarin to accomplish this. After unsuccessfully attempting to raid the Stronghold, the groups' leader, known only as Armen, managed to, to some degree, tame the giant eagles that inhabit the mountain. Although they did meet some limited success, managing to steal bread from Ardougne Market, they were eventually abducted by the Mysterious Old Man, leaving their fate unknown.

Since the gang's disappearance, the story of their raid on Ardougne Market has gradually deviated greatly from the actual occurrence. The history of the gang is far less grandiose then modern legend tells.

Former Members[edit | edit source]