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Baraek chathead.png

Baraek Brigson is a fur trader in the Varrock Square (the centre of Varrock). Baraek is also a member of the Phoenix Gang and plays a small role in the Shield of Arrav quest. If players wish to be in the Phoenix Gang, he must be bribed to reveal the location of their headquarters.

Fur purchasing mechanics[edit | edit source]

Baraek will purchase bear fur and fur for 12 coins each. He can also purchase grey wolf fur for 120 coins each. If the player is wearing the ring of charos (a), he will pay 20 coins each for bear fur & fur, or 150 coins for each grey wolf fur.

When a player has both unnoted grey wolf fur and regular fur in their inventory, only the option to sell grey wolf fur is presented.

If you try and haggle with him while buying bear fur, he claims he has a family to feed. This is different from both RSC and RS3, where you can convince him to give you a 2 coin discount to buy at 18 coins each. Additionally, attempting to haggle while selling will just lead to him saying "Oh ok. Didn't want it anyway!"

Despite his claims of having a family to feed, the Varrock Census doesn't account for any other person with the last name "Brigson". The Census is 10 years out of date though, so it may be that he has obtained a family within those 10 years.

Baraek does not buy any of the furs from the Hunter skill (e.g. Dashing Kebbit Fur)

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Baraek is the solution to the medium anagram clue: A Baker. The answer to his challenge question How many stalls are there in Varrock square? is 5.