Barakur (my notes)

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Barakur is a character mentioned only on page 19 of My notes, a book of pages collected by the player during and after the Barbarian Training miniquest. Barakur himself does not appear in-game, although some information regarding his history can be gleaned from the page. Barakur's race is a mystery, although his name is one usually given to dwarves or Fremennik.

According to the page, Barakur was a member of one of many expeditions that have entered the Ancient Cavern beneath Baxtorian Falls, although at one point he entered remains unknown. The writer mentions that Barakur aided the group in slaying several of the dragons that inhabit the cave. The group agreed, correctly, that the caverns were of artificial origin and thousands of years old, although the notes do not mention the Dragonkin that created the caves.

Barakur's absence from the game itself leaves his fate unknown. A dwarven bandit named Barakur is mentioned during the Eagles' Peak quest, although he is described as a tinkerer in machinery rather than a fighter. Furthermore, the page on which the Ancient Cavern's Barakur is mentioned is described as "old," whereas the bandit from Eagles' Peak was active recently. It is unlikely the two characters are related.