Barb Wire

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Barb Wire (#478)
Released 3 July 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Location North of Baxtorian Falls
Unlock hint This track unlocks in the Ancient Cavern.
Quest Barbarian Training
Instruments Tubular Bells, Pizzicato Strings, String Ensemble 1, Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon, Taiko Drum, Percussion
Duration 03:32
Composer Adam Bond

Barb Wire is a music track that is unlocked inside the Ancient Cavern beneath Baxtorian Falls. It can also be heard behind the mithril door in the Cavern during Dragon Slayer II.

To access the Ancient Cavern, the player needs to start the pyre ship section of Barbarian Training.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This track's title is a play on the term "barbed wire".
  • Portions of Barbarianism can be heard in the track.