Barbarian (historical)

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Barbarian (historical).png
Released4 January 2001 (Update)
Removal4 January 2007 (Update)
Combat level7
ExamineNot very civilised looking.
Combat info
Max hit? (edit)
Aggressive? (edit)
Poisonous? (edit)
Attack style? (edit)
Attack speed? (edit)
Combat icon.png Combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)
Attack icon.png Aggressive stats
Monster attack bonusMonster strength bonusMagic icon.pngMonster magic strength bonusRanged icon.pngMonster ranged strength bonus
? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)
Defence icon.png Defensive stats
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)
Poison? (edit)
Venom? (edit)
Advanced data
Monster ID3256
Barbarian (historical) chathead.png

Barbarian is an unused barbarian that was originally found at the Barbarian Village and Barbarian Outpost in the early stages of RuneScape 2. On 20 February 2006 the Barbarian Village was graphically updated, and its inhabitants were replaced by new Barbarians with unique names. While the original Barbarians remained at the Outpost, they too were replaced with the release of Barbarian Assault. As a result, the unused NPCs have never been present in Old School RuneScape.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
26 April –
13 June 2005

The helmet in the NPC's chathead was recoloured back.

7 March –
18 April 2005

The helmet in the NPC's chathead was recoloured.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Barbarian (historical) chathead.png Barbarian chathead (historical).png Barbarian (historical) chathead.png
29 March 2004 –
March/April 2005
March/April 2005 –
April-June 2005
April-June 2005 –
4 January 2007