Barrel (Waterfall Dungeon)

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Barrel (Waterfall Dungeon).png
Released? (edit)
QuestWaterfall Quest
LocationWaterfall Dungeon entrance
OptionsGet in
ExamineA wooden barrel, maybe a way off this rock.
Advanced data
Object ID2022

Barrel is a scenery object located on the small ledge at the entrance to the Waterfall Dungeon in the middle of the Baxtorian Falls. Climbing into the barrel brings the player safely down the river, and is the only way to leave the Waterfall Dungeon area without teleporting. This will print the chatbox message: You climb into the barrel and push off the edge. You are carried down the river.

The resulting location is the same as incorrectly attempting to climb down the dead tree above the ledge, but using the barrel does not deal any damage.

The location of the player after getting in the barrel.