Barrel (beer)

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Barrel (beer).png
Released27 February 2002 (Update)
ExamineIt's got ale in it.
Advanced data
Object ID364

Several types of beer barrel can be found all across the world, most commonly in pubs or kitchens. Out of these, only the most common ones, which have the examine text "It's got ale in it." and look like a plain barrel standing on the floor, allow the player to tap a beer by using an empty beer glass on them. All other types of barrels, even those that refer to beer in the examine text, will not allow the player to obtain beer from them. Interestingly, even though the barrels in the Mess hall have a beer glass spawn right next to them, they cannot be used to tap a beer.

Players can also use a beer glass on the barbarian type, but this will cause all nearby Barbarians to become aggressive to the players, shouting Oi - That's ours!. Players will also receive a message in their chat box saying The barbarians probably don't like people messing with their barrels.. The player will not be able to actually fill their glass on these barrels.

All other types of barrel will simply not allow players to fill beer glasses. Attempting to use a glass on it will simply result in Nothing interesting happens..

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