Basic Reanimation

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Basic Reanimation
Basic Reanimation.png
Released 28 April 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Level Magic 16
Spellbook Arceuus
Type Utility
Experience 32
Runes 4Body 2Nature
Quest None
Description Reanimates a low levelled creature
Sound Effect
Basic Reanimation icon (mobile).png

Basic Reanimation is a spell within the Arceuus spellbook that requires level 16 Magic and 60% Arceuus favour to use. It can be cast on certain ensouled heads to bring forth a reanimated creature. Killing the reanimated creature will grant Prayer experience and Arceuus favour.

Reanimation can be cast on any ensouled head within an 31x31 area where that head was dropped by a monster. This will work indefinitely, even if the ensouled head is picked up, as long as it is not traded or price checked using the in-game tool. If the player has used the in-game price checker on the head, or has obtained the head in a trade, the reanimation spell will only work within range of the Dark Altar.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
4Body rune.png2Nature rune.png388
4Body rune.png1.87Nature rune.pngBryophyta's staff.png363

Compatible heads[edit | edit source]

Ensouled head Reanimated monster Prayer Prayer XP Favour
Ensouled goblin head.png Goblin Reanimated goblin 130 0.5%
Ensouled monkey head.png Monkey Reanimated monkey 182 0.5%
Ensouled imp head.png Imp Reanimated imp 286 0.5%
Ensouled minotaur head.png Minotaur Reanimated minotaur 364 1.0%
Ensouled scorpion head.png Scorpion Reanimated scorpion 454 1.0%
Ensouled bear head.png Bear Reanimated bear 480 1.0%
Ensouled unicorn head.png Unicorn Reanimated unicorn 494 1.0%