Battle of Ardougne

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Battle of Ardougne
Date Year 7 of the Fifth Age
Place The area which is now Ardougne
Outcome Carnillean ancestors victory, most Zamorakian forces driven from area
Zamorakian forces Saradominist tribe
Mahjarrat Hazeel Ancestor of Sir Ceril Carnillean
More than Zamorakian forces

The Battle of Ardougne is an unofficial name for the events that took place as a result of the discovery of Runecraft, allowing humans to be able to cast magic - something that was lost for ages due to the dwindling supplies of runes. In year 7 of the Fifth Age, a Saradominist tribe expanding to Kandarin, led by the ancestor of Ceril Carnillean, fought and overthrew the Zamorakian Mahjarrat Hazeel, who at the time ruled the lands surrounding what is now Ardougne.[1][2] Hazeel, however, escaped death and retreated, nursing his wounds until his cultists revived him during the year 169 of the Fifth Age.

After the Saradominist tribe defeated Hazeel the Saradominist tribe settled there and named their settlement Ardougne,[3] which eventually became the biggest city of Kandarin, as well as the capital.[4]

Referances[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Clivet, "Hazeel cult", Old School RuneScape. "TThe Carnillean home does not belong to them. The builder of the house was Lord Hazeel, one of the Mahjarrat followers of Zamorak. Many years ago there was a civil war in this land, and the hateful Saradominists declared war upon all Zamorakians who lived here."
  3. ^ Player character, Old School RuneScape. "I found a secret cult in Ardougne and found that the Carnillean family started building the city of Ardougne from a house they'd captured from a Zamorakian lord." The player says this while talking to Historian Minas after the completion of Hazeel Cult.
  4. ^ Display case 7, Old School RuneScape. "From there, they expanded their territory until Kandarin was the largest of the human kingdoms."