Battle of Carrallangar

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Battle of Carrallangar
Date Early Third Age
Place Carrallangar
Outcome Unknown
Zarosians Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Carrallangar was an armed conflict taking place in the early Third Age supposedly just after Zamorak's rebellion against Zaros. Little is known of this battle as there is only one account: Ablenkian's escape. It is only known that the Zarosians fought against another unknown faction, presumably Zamorakian rebels or another god faction. Carrallangar was located in central Forinthry.

The dragon rider Ablenkian and his steed Hekala took part in this battle, saving a fellow Zarosian Corveth and many others.[1] It is unknown how great the casualties and damage were, and what the outcome was.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Ablenkian, "Ablenkian's escape", Old School RuneScape. "Many of them are alive only because of the actions of me and my steed Hekala. At the battle of Carrallanger[sic] I rescued Corveth from the flames that threatened to consume her. I dove my dragon deep into the flames, though the heat would mark my flesh forever, and I grasped her hand before the tower collapsed beneath her. If it were not for me she would have perished there and then. Just another statistic in another battle."