Battle of Plain of Mud

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The Battle of Plain of Mud was a major battle in mid Fourth Age, held between the eleven Goblin tribes: Thorobshuun, Garagorshuun, Rekeshuun, Drogokishuun, Huzamogaarb, Saragorgak, Ekeleshuun, Idithuun, Narogoshuun, Horogothgar, Yurkolgokh (minus the Dorgeshuun, who had established a hidden city deep underground centuries before.)[1][2] The battle was a turning point in goblin history, now remembered by goblins far and wide as the turn of the new Goblin century.

Tensions started among the goblins after the God Wars when their god Bandos was banished from Gilenor, leaving the eleven goblin tribes on their own. Without Bandos and other gods, goblins didn't have enough to eat.[3] They first tried to fight humans, but they were not interested in fighting and built walls to defend themselves against attacks.[4] This led goblins to attack each other over food. The conflicts culminated in one large battle between the eleven tribes.[5] The battle lasted for many days, causing a large number of casualties.[6]

Then Hopespear of the Narogoshuun tribe had a vision by Bandos,[7] who told him that goblins are very mighty fighters, but they must stop the battle, otherwise no goblin will be left to live.[8] Bandos told that goblins must find someone to battle, but it must not be other goblins.[9] He also told Hopespear that he would soon send the goblins a commander, who would lead them to glory.[10]

After Hopespear told about his vision to his general, all of the remaining goblin generals agreed to end the battle.[11] Hopespear's vision was written down in a Goblin Book, and a temple was built in the place where Battle of Plain of Mud took place.[12]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The RuneScape 3 quest, the Land of the Goblins, confirms the location of the final battle and the Goblin Temple to be the Goblin cave near Hemenster. While portions of the Land of the Goblins quest are present in the 2007 archive, the quest has not been released in Old School Runescape.

References[edit | edit source]

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