Battle of the Salve

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Battle of the Salve
Date Approx. 1150, Fourth Age
Conflict Misthalin - Morytania War
Place River Salve, east of Silvarea
Outcome Decisive Misthalinian victory, blessing of the River Salve
Seven Priestly Warriors Vampyre forces
Seven Priestly Warriors Lord Lowerniel Drakan
The Seven Priestly Warriors and an unknown number of troops Unknown amount of vampyre troops
The Seven Priestly Warriors and an unknown number of troops Unknown

The Battle of the Salve was the final battle of the Misthalin - Morytania War. During the battle, the forces of Misthalin were finally able to push back Lowerniel Drakan's vampyres to beyond the River Salve. [1]

The Seven Priestly Warriors lead the Misthalin armies against the forces of Lowernie Drakan, culminating with a battle at the River Salve.[2] The warriors and their soldiers fought for ten days, and when reinforcements arrived on the eleventh day, the reinforcements found only their bodies and those of the slain vampyres. River Salve had been blessed. [3] However, the Seven Priestly Warriors succeeded in blessing the Salve before they were killed, thus preventing any more of Lowerniel Drakan's forces from crossing into Misthalin. [4]

The temple of Paterdomus was erected at the site in honour of the Seven Priestly Warriors and they were entombed there, with the exception of Ivandis Seergaze.[5]

References[edit | edit source]

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