Bestiary/Slayer assignments (I to M)

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Ice giant[edit | edit source]

NameIce giant#Level 53Ice giant#Level 67
ImageIce giant.pngIce giant.png
Slayer XP70100
Combat level5367
Attack styleSlashSlash
Max hit710

Ice warrior[edit | edit source]

NameIce warriorIcelordKamil#Normal
ImageIce warrior.pngIcelord.pngKamil.png
Slayer XP5960146
Combat level5751154
Attack styleMeleeCrushMelee, Magic
Max hit65

Icefiend[edit | edit source]

NameIcefiend#Level 13Icefiend#Level 18
Slayer XP1520
Combat level1318
Attack styleMagical meleeMagical melee
Max hit23

Infernal Mage[edit | edit source]

NameInfernal MageMalevolent Mage
ImageInfernal Mage.pngMalevolent Mage.png
Slayer XP601,750
Combat level66162
Attack styleMagicMagic
Max hit820

Iron dragon[edit | edit source]

NameIron dragon#NormalIron dragon#Catacombs of Kourend
ImageIron dragon.pngIron dragon.png
Slayer XP173.2204.5
Combat level189215
Attack styleSlash, DragonfireSlash, Dragonfire
Max hit

Jelly[edit | edit source]

NameJellyWarped JellyVitreous JellyVitreous warped Jelly
ImageJelly.pngWarped Jelly.pngVitreous Jelly.pngVitreous warped Jelly.png
Slayer XP751401,9002,200
Combat level78112206241
Attack styleMagical meleeMagical meleeMagical meleeMagical melee
Max hit6101619

Jungle horror[edit | edit source]

NameJungle horror
ImageJungle horror.png
Slayer XP45
Combat level70
Attack styleCrush
Max hit8

Kalphite[edit | edit source]

NameReanimated kalphiteKalphite WorkerKalphite SoldierKalphite Guardian
ImageReanimated kalphite.pngKalphite Worker.pngKalphite Soldier.pngKalphite Guardian.png
Slayer XP354090170
Combat level2885141
Attack styleMeleeMeleeCrushMelee
Max hit123812

Killerwatt[edit | edit source]

ImageKillerwatt (Passive).pngKillerwatt.png
Slayer XP5151
Combat level5555
Attack styleMelee, Magical rangedMelee, Magical ranged
Max hit

Kurask[edit | edit source]

NameKuraskKing kurask
ImageKurask.pngKing kurask.png
Slayer XP972,767
Combat level106295
Attack styleCrushCrush
Max hit1136

Lava dragon[edit | edit source]

NameLava dragon
ImageLava dragon.png
Slayer XP248
Combat level252
Attack styleMelee, Dragonfire
Max hit

Lesser demon[edit | edit source]

NameLesser demon (Melzar's Maze)Lesser demon#Level 82Lesser demon#Level 87Lesser demon#Level 94Lesser demon#Level 94 (Revenant Caves)Zakl'n Gritch
ImageLesser demon (Melzar's Maze).pngLesser demon.pngLesser demon (lv 87).pngLesser demon (lv 94).pngLesser demon (5).pngZakl'n Gritch.png
Slayer XP79798598110150
Combat level8282879494142
Attack styleSlashSlashSlashSlashSlashRanged
Max hit8888821

Lizardmen[edit | edit source]

NameCorrupt Lizardman#NormalLizardman#Level 53Lizardman#Level 62Lizardman brute#StandardLizardman brute#BattlefrontCorrupt Lizardman#HardLizardman shaman#Lizardman TempleLizardman shaman#Standard
ImageCorrupt Lizardman.pngLizardman (level 53).pngLizardman (level 62).pngLizardman brute.pngLizardman brute (Battlefront).pngCorrupt Lizardman.pngLizardman shaman (Lizardman Temple).pngLizardman shaman (1).png
Slayer XP5060606060150157.5157.5
Combat level4653627373152150150
Attack styleCrush, RangedCrush, RangedCrush, RangedCrush, RangedCrush, RangedCrush, RangedCrush, RangedCrush, Ranged
Max hit6791111223131

Magic Axe[edit | edit source]

NameMagic axe
ImageMagic axe.png
Slayer XP44
Combat level42
Attack styleSlash
Max hit5

Mammoth[edit | edit source]

Slayer XP130
Combat level80
Attack styleMelee
Max hit8

Minotaur[edit | edit source]

NameMinotaur#Level 12Minotaur#Level 27
Slayer XP1022
Combat level1227
Attack styleCrushCrush
Max hit23

Mithril dragon[edit | edit source]

NameMithril dragon
ImageMithril dragon.png
Slayer XP273
Combat level304
Attack styleMelee, Magic, Ranged, Dragonfire
Max hit

Mogre[edit | edit source]

Slayer XP48
Combat level60
Attack styleMelee
Max hit8

Molanisk[edit | edit source]

Slayer XP52
Combat level51
Attack styleMelee
Max hit5

Monkey[edit | edit source]

NameMonkey (monster)#KaramjaMonkey (monster)#Mos Le'HarmlessMonkey ArcherMonkey Guard#UnbeardedMonkey Guard#BeardedTortured gorilla#Level 141
ImageMonkey.pngMonkey (Mos Le'Harmless).pngMonkey Archer.pngMonkey Guard.pngMonkey Guard (bearded).pngTortured gorilla.png
Slayer XP6650130130210
Combat level3386167167141
Attack styleMeleeMeleeRangedCrushCrushMagic, Ranged, Crush
Max hit2220141413

Moss giant[edit | edit source]

NameMoss giant#Level 42Moss giant#Level 48BryophytaMoss giant#Level 84
ImageMoss giant.pngMoss giant.pngBryophyta.pngMoss Giant (level 84).png
Slayer XP6085115120
Combat level424812884
Attack styleCrushCrushCrush, MagicMelee, Magic
Max hit661614

Mutated Zygomite[edit | edit source]

NameZygomite#Level 74Zygomite#Level 86Ancient Zygomite
ImageZygomite (level 74).pngZygomite (level 86).pngAncient Zygomite.png
Slayer XP6575154
Combat level7486109
Attack styleMagical melee, Magical rangedMagical melee, Magical rangedMagical melee, Magical ranged
Max hit101010