Betrayal of Zaros

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Betrayal of Zaros
Date Second Age
Conflict God Wars
Place Zaros' Castle
Outcome Departure of Zaros from Gielinor
Zarosian forces Armies of Zamorak
Zaros Zamorak
Zarosian Mahjarrat, humans and possibly others Zamorakian Mahjarrat, humans, Vampyres, likely others
Zaros Viggora

The Betrayal of Zaros refers to Zamorak's betrayal and attempted killing of Zaros. Zamorak, the most powerful Mahjarrat general in Zaros' service, wanted to usurp Zaros' leadership of his vast empire and the Mahjarrat. When he, by chance, got hold of the Staff of Armadyl, he decided to make his move. With his close Mahjarrat followers Hazeel and Zemouregal, as well as the vampyre Lord Drakan and others, he plotted Zaros' downfall. His allies would engage Zaros' bodyguards while Zamorak fought Zaros himself.

History[edit | edit source]

Obtaining the Staff of Armadyl[edit | edit source]

Valdez, a Saradominist explorer, stumbled upon the Staff of Armadyl.[1] He realised this immense power of the weapon and chose to give it to Saradomin.[2] However, a thief called Rennard found Valdez, killed him and stole the Staff.[3] Though he did not know it was the Staff of Armadyl, he did recognize the weapon's power[4] and intended to sell it to Zaros.[5] Instead, Zaros' messenger, Kharrim, took Rennard's message to Zamorak, who was mortal[6] and Zaros' general at the time[7]. Zamorak then purchased the staff from Valdez.[8]

Saradominist Intervention[edit | edit source]

Lennissa, a Saradominist spy,[9] found out about the sale and recognized the threat that Zaros would pose if he came into possession of the staff.[10] Lennissa decided to inform her superior Dhalak, a Saradominist mage, about the weapon,[11] believing that Saradomin would contact Armadyl and see to the return of the weapon once he was informed.[12] Dhalak was supposed to pass the information on to Saradomin himself, but he instead enchanted the staff so that Zaros could not detect it.[13] Dhalak knew about Zamorak's intention to betray Zaros, and he thought that the internal conflict caused by Zamorak's betrayal would benefit Saradomin.[14] Not even Zamorak knew that Dhalak helped to conceal the staff.[15]

Battle with Zaros[edit | edit source]

After obtaining the staff, Zamorak and his most loyal followers - Hazeel, Drakan, Thammaron, Zemouregal, and a human called Viggora - made plans to attack Zaros in his throne room. [16] The Dragon Rider Apropos also chose to side with Zamorak,[17] but it is unknown if she participated in the battle.

While the followers of Zamorak kept Zaros and his guards busy with their attacks, Zamorak outmaneuvered Zaros and managed to stab him in the back with the Staff of Armadyl.[18] This weakened Zaros, but he still seemed to be much more powerful than Zamorak.[19] With the staff still impaled in his back he seized Zamorak by the throat and lifted him into the air. Zamorak would have been killed, but somehow Zaros stumbled and fell onto his back. After that, the Staff of Armadyl crossed Zaros' body and impaled Zamorak without leaving it.[20] Unexpectedly, it acted as a conduit that transferred Zaros' divine power to Zamorak.[21] As Zaros disappeared, he cast a curse on all those who helped Zamorak bring the staff to Zaros' castle.[22]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

In response to Zamorak's attack on Zaros, the other gods banished Zamorak. However, Zamorak was able to eventually return, stronger and as a god himself.[23] After his return, the God Wars began.[24]

Those who were cursed by Zaros were bound to remain as ghosts on Gielinor. However, it seems that not all were affected, as the vampyres and Mahjarrat that aided Zamorak were not transformed into ghosts. The reason for this is unknown.[25]

Although Saradomin and Zamorak warred with each other, they formed an alliance to crush the Zarosian forces. With each battle, the Zarosians were pushed further and further into the Kharidian Desert as they lost their lands. Eventually, the Saradominists and Zamorakians managed to imprison Azzanadra at the Jaldraocht Pyramid. With their greatest hero incapacitated, some of the remaining Zarosians settled in the desert.[26]

References[edit | edit source]

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