Big Compost Bin

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This article is about the big compost bin found in the Farming Guild. For regular compost bins, see Compost Bin.

A Big Compost Bin is found in the first tier of Farming Guild and can hold 30 compostable items, double that of a regular compost bin. A full bin of regular compost can be turned into supercompost with 1 dose of compost potion, and a total of 50 volcanic ashes must be used to convert the contents to ultracompost after the bin has been fully composted. Compost takes about 90 minutes to decompose inside the bin.

Products of rotting[edit | edit source]

  • Compost, made by rotting weeds and low level farming products.
  • Supercompost, made by rotting high level farming products (see below). Using a compost potion on a bin of regular compost will also turn it into supercompost.

Suitable items for supercompost[edit | edit source]

Players may use an item on a farmer to check whether the item will make compost or supercompost. The following items will always make supercompost.