Big bucket of camel milk

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Big bucket of camel milk
Big bucket of camel milk.png
Released13 April 2022 (Update)
Removal4 May 2022 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsDrink, Empty, Destroy
DestroyThe Easter Bunny should have another empty bucket.
ExamineIt's a big ol' bucket, full of camel milk.
Value6 coins
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight4.4 kg
Advanced data
Item ID26920
Big bucket of camel milk detail.png

Big bucket of camel milk is an item obtained during the 2022 Easter event. It is obtained by using a big bucket on either Alice, Cam, or Elly the Camel.

The bucket has a right-click "Drink" option, though attempting to do so results in the player saying "I don't think I actually want to drink that. I need it for the ice cream!"

Emptying the bucket prints the message "You empty the contents of the bucket on the floor. What a waste of camel milk!" and leaves the player with an empty big bucket. The big bucket of camel milk cannot be banked.