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Bill Teach is a pirate from the southern island of Mos Le'Harmless. He can be found in multiple places: Port Phasmatys on the ship at the east end of the pier or in The Green Ghost Inn; in Mos Le'Harmless on the ship at the east pier, in The Other Inn or in the basement of Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum'.

Bill has spent much of his life plundering coastal settlements, but in doing so he has managed to anger many people, including, for an unknown reason, a bloodthirsty gang of pirates. They pursued him to Port Phasmatys, where Bill barely managed to dock his ship "The Adventurous". Since then, the pirates have been waiting for Bill to try to leave the port so that they can kill him and make his ship their own.

Bill is the start point of Cabin Fever. During this quest, players must help Bill break through the barricade and make it back to Mos Le'Harmless on The Adventurous. This will also give the player access to the island. After the quest, Bill will transport players from Port Phasmatys to Mos Le'Harmless and vice-versa.

If the player loses or drops the Book o' piracy, Bill Teach will give the player another book when spoken to. For players who do not want the book and only want to travel on Bill Teach's ship, use the right-click 'Travel' option, as talking to Bill Teach starts a moderate conversation ending with him giving the book again, before he will ask if the player wishes to sail with him.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
3 September 2015

The "Travel" option was added, allowing fast travel to Mos Le'Harmless after Cabin Fever.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bill Teach’s last name could be a reference to the real-life Caribbean pirate Edward Teach/Thatch (name varies from sources), more famously known as “Blackbeard”.