Black Knights' Base

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Black Knights' Base
Black Knights' Base.png
Released27 February 2002 (Update)
Also calledKinshra Base
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The music which plays when inside the base

The Black Knights' Base is a Kinshra base in the far south of Taverley Dungeon. The base has two main areas, and both are swarming with black knights. In the top right of the first area is a kitchen, with a sink and a range. In the far right area of the second compartment is the jail. To gain access to the jail cells, the jailer must be killed; his combat level is 47. Inside the south cell is Velrak the explorer, who can give the player a dusty key which gives access shortcuts in the dungeon. It's also interesting to note that in the rooms on the side of the main hall there are helmet racks, which appear to have helmets on them that look suspiciously like White Knight helmets. Although the base is said to be in Taverley by Solus Dellagar, it is actually underneath the Crafting Guild.

To access the base, the player must enter the trapdoor south of Taverley and run past numerous monsters including chaos dwarves and hill giants. Because of this, it is advised that lower levelled players take food. The base plays a part in the Wanted! quest, where the player must interrogate Lord Daquarius about the whereabouts of Solus Dellagar.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

As well as the Black Knights around the base, there are some other characters at the base:

  • Velrak the explorer - A jailed explorer, Velrak can be found in the southern jail cell.
  • Lord Daquarius - The leader of the Kinshra can be found in the western room in the second area
  • Jailer - The level 47 jailer can be found by the jail in the far right of the second area. Players must kill him for a jail key.
  • Dwarves - Presumably captured by the black knights, the dwarves can be found in the northern jail cell.