Black salamander (Hunter)

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This article is about the Hunter creature. For the weapon, see Black salamander.
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A black salamander is a creature that can be caught using the Hunter skill once a player has reached level 67. The black salamander hunting area is located in the Wilderness, northeast of the southern Chaos Temple and southeast of the Bone Yard. When caught, it becomes a black salamander, similar to a flamethrower which can use all three styles of combat.

What to bring[edit | edit source]

* There is a limit on how many traps you can use. Hunters with a level of 60+ may have 4 traps, and hunters with a level of 80+ may have 5 traps set up at once, however, players hunting in the Wilderness are able to set up an additional trap. This means that hunters with 60+ Hunter can set 5 traps, and 80+ can set up 6 at black salamanders.

Players can expect about 110,000 experience per hour hunting these with 5 traps set up.

How to catch[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the black salamanders hunting spot.
  2. Right click "set trap" on a young tree.
  3. (Optional) Use your harralander tar on the trap.
  4. (Optional) Light your torch, and use it on the trap. This is done to reduce your scent, slightly increasing your chance of catching a salamander.
  5. Stand back, and wait until your traps are full.
  6. Collect your salamanders, and repeat.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
29 May 2014
There is now 6 trees for trapping black salamanders and they've been rearranged in one group near the western body of lava.
The catching experience has been increased by 5% from 304 to 319.2 and the spawns have been relocated nearer to the trees.