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Blast Furnace Foreman chathead.png

The Blast Furnace Foreman is one of the many dwarves that inhabit the dwarven capital, Keldagrim. The Blast Furnace foreman helps to oversee the Blast Furnace, a massive machine capable of efficiently smelting ore.

The foreman helps to direct players as they operate the Blast Furnace, often shouting out advice on what needs to be operated or repaired. He will also explain how the Blast Furnace works, offering a simple diagram of the factory's layout.

The foreman also is careful to ensure that those without 60 Smithing do not use the furnace (this cannot be boosted using Spicy stews); he believes that those inexperienced in Smithing could damage it. He will, however, allow players without the requirements to use it for 2,500 coins per 10 minutes (or 1,250 with a ring of charos).

Players can obtain the ability to use the Blast Furnace for free by talking to him after partially completing The Giant Dwarf up to the point where access to Keldagrim is unlocked. This must be done through dialogue (chat options 1-3-1) in order to count.

Asking the foreman's permission to use the Blast Furnace for free is a requirement for the Hard Fremennik Diary.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
28 May 2015

The Blast Furnace foreman is no longer obscured by other players standing on top of him.

21 May 2015
(update | poll)

The Blast Furnace Foreman gained right-click options to pay for access to the Blast Furnace.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If players attempt to lay a box trap in the Blast Furnace area, he will exclaim "Hey, we dwarves may be small, but we're not going to get caught in that thing. Even the Drunken Dwarf isn't that dumb."