Blisterwood Tree

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Blisterwood Tree
Blisterwood Tree.png
Released4 June 2020 (Update)
QuestSins of the Father
ExamineThe everlasting bane of the vampyres.
Advanced data
Object ID37989

The blisterwood tree is a special tree that grows in Darkmeyer, sealed inside the Arboretum. The trees were grown by Queen Efaritay of Hallowvale, who was also a renowned botanist that bred all kinds of plant life to use against the vampyres. The tree is particularly effective and harmful against vampyres, as the sap is poisonous to them and its wood is capable of twisting unpredictably even after the logs have been cut and processed.

Despite many attempts to kill it, the tree still survives in the highly secured vault. During Sins of the Father, the player manages to gain access to the Arboretum and obtain some blisterwood logs, which they use to enhance the Ivandis flail into a Blisterwood flail, which is the most powerful weapon against vampyres.

Bird nests are not dropped when woodcutting at the blisterwood tree.

Woodcutting info[edit | edit source]

Blisterwood Tree
Level requiredWoodcutting 62
Woodcutting XP76 xp
Required toolAxe
Respawn time0 seconds

The Blisterwood Tree has a 1/10 chance of "depleting" with every log chopped. When this happens, the player stops woodcutting and must click again to resume.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Blisterwood logs.png: Blisterwood Tree drops Blisterwood logs with rarity Common in quantity 1Blisterwood logs1CommonNot sold120

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
2 September 2020
(update | poll)

The experience obtained from chopping the Blisterwood Tree has been reverted to 76.

12 June 2020

The experience obtained from chopping the Blisterwood Tree has been decreased from 76 to 52.