Blood spells

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Blood spells are one of four types of Ancient Magicks combat spells. These spells heal the caster 25% of the damage dealt, and equipping bloodbark armour increases the amount healed by 1.5% per piece, up to a maximum of 32.5%.

Blood spells may refer to:

Icon Mobile
Spell Level Runes XP Max damage
(without bonuses)
Max healing
Base amount Full bloodbark
Blood Rush.png Blood Rush icon (mobile).png Blood Rush Magic 56 1Blood 2Chaos 2Death 33 15 18 19
Blood Burst.png Blood Burst icon (mobile).png Blood Burst Magic 68 2Blood 4Chaos 2Death 39 21 26 27
Blood Blitz.png Blood Blitz icon (mobile).png Blood Blitz Magic 80 4Blood 2Death 45 25 31 33
Blood Barrage.png Blood Barrage icon (mobile).png Blood Barrage Magic 92 4Blood 4Death 1Soul 51 29 36 38

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