Bloody head

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Bloody head detail.png

The bloody head is an item created during the quest Getting Ahead by using red dye on a fur head. It is used to finally convince Gordon that players have killed the Headless Beast after failing to do so with a fur head prior.

It is mounted in Gordon and Mary's house.

The player can only have one bloody head at a time. Attempting to craft another with a bloody head in the player's inventory results in the chatbox stating "You already have a bloody head." If the player banks the bloody head and crafts another one in the inventory, the bloody head stored in the bank is destroyed. After mounting a bloody head to the Mounted Head Space in Gordon and Mary's house, the bloody head (and other fake head variants) are destroyed and can no longer be crafted again.

The bloody head is destroyed upon death. If lost during the quest, the player needs to craft another.

This item cannot leave a placeholder in the bank.