Blue partyhat (Draynor Bank Robbery)

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This item cannot be obtained legitimately.
Blue partyhat (Draynor Bank Robbery) can only be acquired through illegitimate means. The Old School RuneScape Wiki does not condone rule-breaking actions.
Blue partyhat (Draynor Bank Robbery) detail.png

The Blue partyhat is an unobtainable item that can be seen when viewing the cutscene of the Draynor Bank Robbery. During the cutscene, the Wise Old Man kills Elfinlocks, who drops this item.

The item was created as a failsafe, in case players were ever able to obtain the hat via glitches. If the player attempts to wear the partyhat, it disappears from the inventory and a message appears saying "Please send a bug report to Jagex telling them how you got that hat."