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This article is about Body rune. For other uses, see Body.
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Body runes are low level runes used for confuse, weaken and curse spells in the standard spellbook, and Dream and Stat Spy in the Lunar spellbook. They are also used for most of the spells in the Arceuus spellbook.

Body runes can be created using Runecraft skill at level 20 at the Body altar south of Edgeville Monastery, providing 7.5 Runecraft experience each. They are the highest level rune Free to Play players can craft.

2 body runes can be consistently found outside of the eastern wall of the Grand Exchange in Varrock, respawning approximately every 20 seconds. 15 body runes can be found among lesser demons at the Lava Maze deep within the Wilderness.

Spells requiring body runes[edit source]

Icon Spell Level Runes Exp Category Spell Group Notes
Confuse icon.png Confuse 3 1Body2Earth3Water 13 Combat Standard Reduces the target's Attack level by 5%.
Reanimate Goblin icon.png Reanimate Goblin 3 1Nature2Body1Ensouled goblin head.png 6 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated goblin. Killing it will give 130 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Monkey icon.png Reanimate Monkey 7 1Nature3Body1Ensouled monkey head.png 14 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated monkey. Killing it will give 182 Prayer experience.
Weaken icon.png Weaken 11 1Body2Earth3Water 21 Combat Standard Reduces the target's Strength level by 5%.
Reanimate Imp icon.png Reanimate Imp 12 2Nature3Body1Ensouled imp head.png 24 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated imp. Killing it will give 286 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Minotaur icon.png Reanimate Minotaur 16 2Nature4Body1Ensouled minotaur head.png 32 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated minotaur. Killing it will give 364 Prayer experience.
Curse icon.png Curse 19 1Body3Earth2Water 29 Combat Standard Reduces the target's Defence level by 5%.
Reanimate Bear icon.png Reanimate Bear 21 1Soul1Nature1Body1Ensouled bear head.png 42 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated bear. Killing it will give 480 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Unicorn icon.png Reanimate Unicorn 22 1Soul1Nature2Body1Ensouled unicorn head.png 44 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated unicorn. Killing it will give 494 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Dog icon.png Reanimate Dog 26 1Soul2Nature2Body1Ensouled dog head.png 52 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated dog. Killing it will give 520 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Chaos Druid icon.png Reanimate Chaos Druid 30 1Soul2Nature3Body1Ensouled chaos druid head.png 60 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated chaos druid. Killing it will give 584 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Giant icon.png Reanimate Giant 37 1Soul2Nature4Body1Ensouled giant head.png 74 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated giant. Killing it will give 650 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Ogre icon.png Reanimate Ogre 40 1Soul3Nature4Body1Ensouled ogre head.png 80 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated ogre. Killing it will give 716 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Elf icon.png Reanimate Elf 43 2Soul2Nature2Body1Ensouled elf head.png 86 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated elf. Killing it will give 754 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Troll icon.png Reanimate Troll 46 2Soul2Nature3Body1Ensouled troll head.png 92 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated troll. Killing it will give 780 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Horror icon.png Reanimate Horror 52 2Soul2Nature4Body1Ensouled horror head.png 104 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated horror. Killing it will give 832 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Kalphite icon.png Reanimate Kalphite 57 2Soul3Nature4Body1Ensouled kalphite head.png 114 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated kalphite. Killing it will give 884 Prayer experience.
Reanimate Dagannoth icon.png Reanimate Dagannoth 62 3Soul3Nature4Body1Ensouled dagannoth head.png 124 Necromancy Arceuus Summons a reanimated dagannoth. Killing it will give 936 Prayer experience.
Stat Spy icon.png Stat Spy 75 1Cosmic2Astral5Body 76 Combat Lunar Casting this on another player allows the caster to see the target's combat and non-combat stats, along with whether or not any stats have been boosted or reduced.
Dream icon.png Dream 79 1Cosmic2Astral5Body 82 Skilling Lunar This spell puts the caster into a "sleep" state, during which hitpoints regenerate at twice their usual rate. Any activity except talking will "awaken" the caster.

Dropping Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Crystal chest N/A 50 2; Common
Dark wizard 7; 11; 20; 22; 23 10; 18 2; Common
Wizard 9 5; 12 2; Common
Zamorak crafter 19 5 2; Common
Flesh crawler 28; 35; 41 3–12 2; Common
Hobgoblin 28; 42; 47 3–12 2; Common
Ghast 30; 79; 109; 139 1–3 2; Common
Black knight 33 9 2; Common
Kalphite worker 28 2; 6 3; Uncommon
Ice giant 53; 67 37 3; Uncommon
Kalphite soldier 85 5–6 3; Uncommon
Spiritual mage 121 25; 35 3; Uncommon
Infernal mage 66 18; 57 4; Rare