Bone Yard

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Bone Yard
Bone Yard.png
Released13 August 2001 (Update)
Wilderness level32
Location on World Map
Lava Dragon Isle
Ruins (east) Bone Yard Unknown
Chaos Temple (Wilderness)

The Bone Yard is a location in the Wilderness, notable for the large amounts of bones and big bones that can be found there. Due to the fast respawn rate of the bones there, the Bone Yard is an effective way for free-to-play players to train Prayer, by picking up and burying the bones and big bones as they spawn. The Bone Yard is located in level 32 Wilderness, and is populated by aggressive level 25 skeletons, making it a potentially dangerous place to train.

Players intending to train Prayer at the Bone Yard are recommended to only bring items they are willing to lose, due to its dangerous location and inhabitants. Armour and food can help mitigate the damage of the skeletons, until they lose their aggressiveness after 10 minutes, though the armour and food should not be kept once monster are no longer aggressive as the weight will more quickly drain a player's run energy. In total, there are six big bones spawns and 34 bones spawns at the Bone Yard.

At maximum efficiency, a player can get 9,300 prayer experience per hour training at the Bone Yard. By doing trips to the Chaos altar in the Chaos temple to the west with big bones, members can increase to around 18,000 prayer experience per hour.

Besides the Bones and Big Bones, the following items also spawn at Bone Yard: