Bone grinder

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The bone grinder is used to grind bones into bonemeal to be used with a bucket of slime on the Ectofuntus to gain Prayer experience and ecto-tokens. Bonemeal is collected in a pot after being fed through the bone grinder. Only a single bone can be fed into the bone grinder at a time, but all bones of the same type fed into the machine are automatically processed. Players may also operate the grinder automatically to speed the process.

Most bone variants have their own variant of bonemeal which, when offered to the Ectofuntus, grant experience points relative to the tier of the bone they are made from. All variants of bonemeal sacrificed to the Ectofuntus grant the player 5 ecto-tokens regardless of the bonemeal's tier. Ecto-tokens earned from offering bonemeal can be claimed from one of the ghost disciples next to the Ectofuntus.