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Bonemeal is an item that players need during and after Ghosts Ahoy. It consists of a pot filled with any type of bones that have been crushed in the bone grinder at the Ectofuntus.

Along with a bucket of slime, players may use a pot of bonemeal to worship the Ectofuntus, granting 4 times the Prayer experience of burying the bones used to make the bonemeal. They are sorted separately per type of bonemeal in the bank but are all labelled "Bonemeal." Players can examine the individual pots to see what kind of bones were used to make the bonemeal, where it will give a message saying, "A pot of crushed [type] bones."

List of bones[edit | edit source]

Bone type Bury XP Worship XP GP/XP Bonemeal examine
Bonemeal.png Bones.png Bones 4.5 18 5.39 A pot of crushed bones.
Bat bonemeal.png Bat bones.png Bat bones 5.3 21.2 24.2 A pot of crushed bat bones.
Big bonemeal.png Big bones.png Big bones 15 60 3.55 A pot of crushed big bones.
Burnt bonemeal.png Burnt bones.png Burnt bones 4.5 18 15.67 A pot of crushed burnt bones.
Burnt jogre bonemeal.png Burnt jogre bones.png Burnt jogre bones 16 64 N/A A pot of crushed burnt jogre bones.
Baby dragon bonemeal.png Babydragon bones.png Babydragon bones 30 120 5.68 A pot of crushed baby dragon bones.
Dragon bonemeal.png Dragon bones.png Dragon bones 72 288 7.69 A pot of crushed dragon bones.
Wolf bonemeal.png Wolf bones.png Wolf bones 4.5 18 25.11 A pot of crushed wolf bones.
Small ninja bonemeal.png Monkey bones (small ninja).png Monkey bones (small ninja) 5 20 N/A A pot of crushed small ninja monkey bones.
Medium ninja bonemeal.png Monkey bones (medium ninja).png Monkey bones (medium ninja) 4.5 18 N/A A pot of crushed medium ninja monkey bones.
Gorilla bonemeal.png Monkey bones (gorilla).png Monkey bones (gorilla) 18 72 N/A A pot of crushed gorilla monkey bones.
Bearded gorilla bonemeal.png Monkey bones (bearded gorilla).png Monkey bones (bearded gorilla) 18 72 N/A A pot of crushed bearded gorilla monkey bones.
Monkey bonemeal.png Monkey bones.png Monkey bones 5 20 22 A pot of crushed monkey bones.
Small zombie monkey bonemeal.png Monkey bones (small zombie).png Monkey bones (small zombie) 5 20 N/A A pot of crushed small zombie monkey bones.
Large zombie monkey bonemeal.png Monkey bones (large zombie).png Monkey bones (large zombie) 4.5 18 N/A A pot of crushed large zombie monkey bones.
Skeleton bonemeal.png Bones (Ape Atoll).png Bones (Ape Atoll) 3 12 N/A A pot of crushed skeleton bones.
Jogre bonemeal.png Jogre bones.png Jogre bones 15 60 14.35 A pot of crushed jogre bones.
Zogre bonemeal.png Zogre bones.png Zogre bones 22.5 90 5.13 A pot of crushed zogre bones.
Fayrg bonemeal.png Fayrg bones.png Fayrg bones 84 336 10.08 A pot of crushed fayrg bones.
Raurg bonemeal.png Raurg bones.png Raurg bones 96 384 15.43 A pot of crushed raurg bones.
Ourg bonemeal.png Ourg bones.png Ourg bones 140 560 47.75 A pot of crushed ourg bones.
Shaikahan bonemeal.png Shaikahan bones.png Shaikahan bones 25 100 31.63 A pot of crushed Shaikahan bones.
Dagannoth-king bonemeal.png Dagannoth bones.png Dagannoth bones 125 500 16 A pot of crushed Dagannoth-king bones.
Wyvern bonemeal.png Wyvern bones.png Wyvern bones 72 288 7.61 A pot of crushed wyvern bones.
Lava dragon bonemeal.png Lava dragon bones.png Lava dragon bones 85 340 11.27 A pot of crushed lava dragon bones.
Superior dragon bonemeal.png Superior dragon bones.png Superior dragon bones 150 600 17.62 A pot of crushed superior dragon bones.
Wyrm bonemeal.png Wyrm bones.png Wyrm bones 50 200 6.6 A pot of crushed wyrm bones.
Drake bonemeal.png Drake bones.png Drake bones 80 320 9.05 A pot of crushed drake bones.
Hydra bonemeal.png Hydra bones.png Hydra bones 110 440 12.38 A pot of crushed hydra bones.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
12 August 2020
(update | poll)
  • All bonemeal variants were given distinct names.
  • The "Use" and "Empty" options on bonemeal have been switched around.
5 March 2015
(update | poll)
You can now obtain all types of bonemeal by giving bones to Robin after you complete Morytania Diaries: