Book of Spells

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For the list of magic spells, see Spellbook.

Book of Spells is a music track that is unlocked when the player first arrives in Lumbridge. It can also be heard around the Lumbridge Swamp and farmlands. In this area, the music player will also shuffle between playing Autumn Voyage, Dream, Flute Salad, Harmony, and Yesteryear.

Prior to an update on 28 April 2021, the track played in Lumbridge Swamp, near the coast.

Location before 2021

Analysis[edit | edit source]

It is played at a slow tempo, and begins with a crescendoing harp cadenza consisting of series of arpeggios. Additional instruments come in as the song goes on (such as vibraphone, chimes, piano, and a guitar).

The song then reaches a bridge where the tempo increases, the violins fade out to be replaced by the chimes with a choir.

Eventually, the violins re-join the song, but only shortly before the song gains a darker theme and the melody is transferred to a low choir. After this section, the song returns to what resembles a chorus. The song ends with a decrescendo harp cadenza.

Trivia[edit | edit source]