Book of folklore

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Book of folklore
Book of folklore.png
Released6 June 2005 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineA tatty old book belonging to the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.07 kg
Advanced data
Item ID5508
Book of folklore detail.png

The Book of folklore, titled The Myth of the Elder-dragons, is a book found randomly on the bookshelves in the Wise Old Man's house in Draynor Village, along with the strange book and the book on chickens. Players can return the book by using it on the Wise Old Man.

This book cannot be stored in a player owned house bookcase.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Book of folklore.

Although the Elder-dragons are generally considered to be a myth, stories tell of an ancient race that dwelt on Gielinor before any other. In some arcane way their lifeforce was linked to the life of the world itself; it is written that, as long as the Elder-dragons continue to live, the world shall not end.

However, sceptics claim that the myth of the Elder-dragons was invented to cast doubt on claims that this realm was lifeless until the gods first arrived.