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Book of war page set detail.png

A Book of war page set is an item obtained by exchanging a set of items with a Grand Exchange clerk via their right-click "Sets" option and clicking on the appropriate item set within the Item Sets interface.

Purchasing this item allows players to quickly fill their book of war by purchasing the item set rather than four individual pages on the Grand Exchange.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Bandos page 1.png Bandos page 1 2,414
Bandos page 2.png Bandos page 2 2,241
Bandos page 3.png Bandos page 3 2,151
Bandos page 4.png Bandos page 4 2,193
Total 8,999
Book of war page set.png Book of war page set 17,819
Difference 8,820

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
26 March 2015

God page sets are now noted when packed.