Boots of brimstone

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Boots of brimstone
Boots of brimstone.png
Released10 January 2019 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsWear, Drop
ExamineA pair of heat resistant boots charged with the claw of the ferocious Drake.
Value20,000 coins
High alch12,000 coins
Low alch8,000 coins
Weight3.175 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange578,014 coins (info)
Buy limit70
Daily volume833
Advanced data
Item ID22951
Boots of brimstone detail.png

Boots of brimstone are a piece of Slayer equipment worn in the foot slot. A Slayer level of 44, along with level 70 in Defence, Magic, and Ranged is required to wear them.

They can be created by using a drake's claw on the boots of stone, and can protect the wearer from the extremely hot ground within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

These boots have the highest stab attack bonus, as well as the second-highest magic defence in the footwear slot, tied with the silly jester boots, bloodbark boots, infinity boots, and pegasian boots. Because these boots have no negative bonuses, positive ranged and magic attack and defence bonuses, and decent melee defensive bonuses, these boots are an excellent choice for activities that require use of mage and range styles such as Zulrah. They are a poor choice for activities which require melee due to the absence of any strength bonus.

 Attack bonusesBoots of brimstone equipped.pngBoots of brimstone equipped female.png
 Defence bonuses
 Other bonusesSlot
StrengthRangedMagic damagePrayerFeet slot

Creation[edit | edit source]

Member icon.png
Ticks0 (0s)
Boots of stone.pngBoots of stone1359
Drake's claw.pngDrake's claw1492,390
Total cost492,749
Boots of brimstone.pngBoots of brimstone1578,014

Used in recommended equipment[edit | edit source]

4Adamant dragon/Strategies (Magic)
4Adamant dragon/Strategies (Magic)
4Adamant dragon/Strategies (Ranged)
4Alchemical Hydra/Strategies (Ranged)
5Alchemical Hydra/Strategies (Melee)
5Basilisk Knight/Strategies (Ranged/Prayer)
4Basilisk Knight/Strategies (Ranged)
4Chompington (Melee)
4Commander Zilyana/Strategies (Ranged)
4Corporeal Beast/Strategies (Ranged masses)
5Dagannoth Kings/Strategies (Tribrid (All Kings))
4Demonic gorilla/Strategies (upgrades and downgrades)
2Drake/Strategies (Magic)
4Drake/Strategies (Ranged)
5Drake/Strategies (Melee)
4General Graardor/Strategies (Melee Attacker)
1Hunter training (Staff of the dead)
3K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Magic)
2Kalphite Queen/Strategies (mid-game players (phase two))
3King Black Dragon/Strategies (Twisted bow)
3King Black Dragon/Strategies (Ranged BIS smuggle)
3King Black Dragon/Strategies (Crossbow)
3Kraken/Strategies (Magic)
5Kree'arra/Strategies (Chinchompas)
3Kree'arra/Strategies (Tbow / Bowfa)
5Kree'arra/Strategies (Ranged Tank)
4The Leviathan/Strategies (Ranged)
4Mithril dragon/Strategies (Ranged)
4Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Ranged)
4Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Ranged (Absorption, AFK))
3Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Magic)
4Phantom Muspah/Strategies (Magic & Ranged)
4Phantom Muspah/Strategies (Ranged)
4Skeletal Wyvern/Strategies (Ranged (Void))
4Skeletal Wyvern/Strategies (Magic)
4Skeletal Wyvern/Strategies (Ranged)
4Skotizo/Strategies (Ranged)
4Slayer training (Ranged)
5Smoke devil/Strategies
4Thermonuclear smoke devil/Strategies (Magic)
4Tombs of Amascut/Strategies (Melee switch)
4TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Speed-Trialist (Melee Attacker)
4Vorkath/Strategies (Ranged (crossbow))
4The Whisperer/Strategies (Magic)
4Zulrah/Strategies (Ranged)
5Zulrah/Strategies (Magic & Ranged)
3Zulrah/Strategies (Magic)

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 January 2019

The boots of brimstone were given a graphical update.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Boots of brimstone (v1) detail.png
Boots of brimstone detail.png
Boots of brimstone v1.png
Boots of brimstone.png
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17 January 2019
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