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The boss lair display can be built in the boss lair space of the achievement gallery in a player-owned house. It requires 87 Construction to build and when built, it gives 1,483 experience. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.

It is a place where players can show off the bosses they've killed. The display can be configured to show any display that a player possesses.

In order to display a boss lair, the player must have killed the boss once and must put in the jar dropped by that boss. In Vorkath's case, the player needs to defeat his post-quest variant.

The jar can be removed, returning the display case to its unfilled state and the jar to the player.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Construction Construction87 (b)1,483
Member icon.png
Ticks5 (3s)
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank1020,710
Molten glass.pngMolten glass5520
Steel bar.pngSteel bar41,488
Total Cost22,718
Boss lair display icon.pngBoss lair display1N/A

List of displays[edit | edit source]

Kraken display.png
Boss Kraken
Jar Jar of dirt.pngJar of dirt
Cost 8,389
Examine A large display of the Kraken in his dark lair.
Zulrah display.png
Boss Zulrah
Jar Jar of swamp.pngJar of swamp
Cost 9,668
Examine A large display of Zulrah in her poisonous lair.
Kalphite Queen display.png
Boss Kalphite Queen
Jar Jar of sand.pngJar of sand
Cost 530,467
Examine A large display of the Kalphite Queen in her sandy lair.
Cerberus display.png
Boss Cerberus
Jar Jar of souls.pngJar of souls
Cost 26,985
Examine A large display of Cerberus in her gloomy lair.
Abyssal Sire display.png
Boss Abyssal Sire
Jar Jar of miasma.pngJar of miasma
Cost 22,250
Examine A large display of the Abyssal Sire in his miasmic lair.
Skotizo display.png
Boss Skotizo
Jar Jar of darkness.pngJar of darkness
Cost 8,714,146
Examine A large display of Skotizo in his dark lair.
Grotesque Guardians display.png
Boss Grotesque Guardians
Jar Jar of stone.pngJar of stone
Cost 1,519,493
Examine A large display of the Grotesque Guardians atop the Slayer Tower roof.
Vorkath display.png
Boss Vorkath
Jar Jar of decay.pngJar of decay
Cost 8,936
Examine A large display of Vorkath in his icy lair.
Alchemical Hydra display.png
Boss Alchemical Hydra
Jar Jar of chemicals.pngJar of chemicals
Cost 17,099
Examine A large display of the Alchemical Hydra in the Mount Karuulm laboratory.
Sarachnis display.png
Boss Sarachnis
Jar Jar of eyes.pngJar of eyes
Cost 237,429
Examine A large display of Sarachnis in the Forthos Dungeon crypt.
The Nightmare display.png
Boss The Nightmare
Jar Jar of dreams.pngJar of dreams
Cost 316,870
Examine A large display of your best Nightmare.
Corporeal Beast Display.png
Boss Corporeal Beast
Jar Jar of spirits.pngJar of spirits
Cost 459,341
Examine A large display of the Corporeal Beast[sic]
Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Display.png
Boss Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
Jar Jar of smoke.pngJar of smoke
Cost 137,063
Examine A large display of the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil[sic]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The glass casing of the Grotesque Guardians display is slightly taller than the rest of the boss lair displays.
  • The Nightmare display's examine text is likely a reference to the indie game Undertale. Namely, of a soundtrack titled "Your Best Nightmare".