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Botanical pie detail.png
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A botanical pie is a food item that can be made by combining (in order) a pie dish, pastry dough, and a Golovanova fruit top, and then by cooking the uncooked botanical pie on a stove or range. Level 52 Cooking is required both to make the raw botanical pie and to bake the pie, and 180 experience is granted for each pie successfully cooked.

Botanical pies heal up to 14 hitpoints (7 per bite) and boosts Herblore temporarily by 4 levels. The Herblore boost offered by this item is the second highest available and has the benefit of being non-random, as opposed to the highest Herblore boosting item, brown spicy stew, with a random boost of -5 to +5. After eating the pie, a pie dish will remain.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Players used to be able to train Herblore without completing the Druidic Ritual quest by eating a botanical pie and creating attack potions. This has since been patched.