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Items kept on death.png
This is a dangerous minigame.
Only bring items you can adequately defend or items you are willing to lose.
"Bh" redirects here. For the pet, see Bloodhound.

Bounty Hunter (known as BH) is a player killing minigame located in the Wilderness. As of 23 January 2020, Bounty Hunter is temporarily disabled due to concerns on gold farming. A statement regarding the future of Bounty Hunter will be released by Jagex on 24 January.

Originally released in December 2007 as part of the highly controversial update that saw the removal of PvP from the Wilderness, its first incarnation was confined to a single crater and was intended as a substitute for Wilderness player-killing. Although the August 2007 archive of RuneScape that Old School's servers were based on predated the Bounty Hunter update, both players and the development team expressed interest in bringing it back in a revised form. It was subsequently released in 2014 as a single-world activity that exists separately from and alongside traditional Wilderness PvP.

Since its release, numerous integrity updates have been implemented in Bounty Hunter to combat griefing. In addition, the Bounty Hunter world rotates between worlds 318 (UK) and 319 (USA) every two weeks to give players on different continents better ping.

Official worlds[edit | edit source]

Unlike most minigames, Bounty Hunter can only be played on two worlds:

World Location Members Activity
318 United Kingdom flag.png United Kingdom Members Bounty World
319 United States flag.png United States Members Bounty World

Getting a target[edit | edit source]

While logged into Bounty Hunter world and in the wilderness, an interface containing the target system will appear in the top-right of the game client. The target system will then track down another player close to their combat level and will match both up as targets. The assigned target can attack players regardless of combat level difference.

The interface will show the following:

The interface when entering the Wilderness in a Bounty World.
  • The display name of the target and their combat level
  • Option to skip the target
  • Their Wilderness level range
  • Whether they are in a multi-combat zone
  • The highest tier mysterious emblem they are carrying
  • The player's eligibility for an emblem upgrade
  • Bounty Hunter - hotspot icon.png The current active hotspot
  • Bounty Hunter - task info icon.png Checking the player's current Bounty Task
    • The time remaining on it
  • Bounty Hunter - task config icon.png Bounty Task Configuration
    • Skip current task (three daily)
    • Disable/Enable Bounty Tasks

Skipping a target[edit | edit source]

The player's target will be skipped if they do one of the following:

  • Leave the Wilderness for two minutes
    • If players re-enter the Wilderness before the two minutes are up, an extra six seconds are applied.
  • Have been out of combat for 15 seconds
  • Log out

If five targets are skipped within 30 minutes, a penalty will be incurred, and the player will be unable to receive a new target for 30 minutes if the targets skipped is within 5 Wilderness levels. If the targets skipped is over 5 Wilderness levels away, the penalty is 3 minutes.

Players can skip their targets without penalty if any of the following are true:

Bounty Tasks[edit | edit source]

Bounty tasks are sets of tasks that players can opt into in order to be eligible for additional bounty points. These can be enabled by clicking "Bounty Tasks" once the Bounty Hunter interface appears, and can be disabled by clicking the Bounty Task Configuration icon (Bounty Hunter - task config icon.png) and clicking "Block Bounty Task notifications".

Players have 20 minutes to complete the task, and can skip Bounty Tasks up to three times a day. Upon completion of a task, 10 bounty points are awarded. Players also need a combat level of 50 before they are eligible to recieve tasks. The list of possible tasks are as follows:

  • Kill two targets without leaving or going below level 1 Wilderness
  • Kill your target using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit
  • Kill your target while carrying coins and/or platinum tokens worth at least 250,000.
  • Kill your target without the use of overhead Prayers
  • Kill your target without using a special attack
  • Kill your target without using Protect Item
  • Kill your target without using Chivalry, Piety, Rigour or Augury
  • Kill your target with no body armour equipped
  • Kill your target with no leg armour equipped
  • Kill your target with no ring or neck armour equipped
  • Drain 50 of your target's Prayer pointing using Smite before killing your target
  • Deal at least 150 damage using Ranged/Melee/Magic before killing your target
  • Kill your target without any stat boosts

Should at any point players violate the task's conditions or leave the Wilderness, players can no longer use their existing target to complete the task. For example, if players have to deal 150 damage using magic before killing their target, leaving the Wilderness resets the amount of damage dealt, and if players use a special attack on their target while having a task that requires killing them without using one, killing them will not count for the task and players must try again on another assigned target.

Killing your target and emblems[edit | edit source]

When a player catches up with their target they will then be faced with the task of killing them, as well as fulfilling the Bounty Task assigned to the player should they have one.

If players are in possession of a mysterious emblem, which are purchasable from the Emblem Trader, their emblem will be upgraded to the next tier providing that the target is in possession of an emblem of equal or higher tier themselves, while the loser's emblem is destroyed. If the loser does not have an equal or higher tier emblem in their possession and is killed, the winner will not have theirs upgraded. An ironman player cannot upgrade their emblem this way.

After killing a target, players cannot be attacked for 20 seconds, unless they attack another player before the immunity timer runs out.

Each tier upgrade doubles the value of the player's emblem, which adds a small extra source of income from player killing, as the emblems can be sold back to the trader.

Hotspots[edit | edit source]

A player standing inside a hotspot, indicated by the hotspot markers.

Hotspots are locations within the wilderness in which players are given extra benefits for killing targets within the hotspot boundaries. In order to be eligible to receive these benefits, players must have a combat level of at least 50, as well as having a mysterious emblem in their possession.

In hotspots, players will receive triple the usual amount of bounty points for killing their targets, including points from Bounty Tasks. In addition, if players have a kill streak of two, killing a target upgrades one of the opponent's emblems, as well as the player's. If carrying multiple emblems, the highest tier is upgraded first.

A list of possible Bounty Hunter hotspots.

Hotspots cycle every 30 minutes between the following locations, with those in multicombat areas being selected less frequently:

  1. Frozen Waste Plateau (Ghorrock)
  2. Mage Arena and Pirates' Hideout
  3. Resource Area and Deserted Keep
  4. Rogues' Castle
  5. Lava Maze
  6. Lava Dragon Isle
  7. Demonic Ruins
  8. The Forgotten Cemetery
  9. Hobgoblin Mine
  10. Bandit Camp and western Ruins
  11. Graveyard of Shadows and eastern Ruins
  12. Eastern coast, around the green dragons
  13. Dark Warriors' Fortress
  14. Chaos Temple

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The main reward for playing Bounty Hunter is the bounty points that are received upon killing a target. Killing multiple targets in a row begins a killstreak, which awards more points the higher the player's killstreak. Players can receive additional bounty points by killing a set amount of target kills, similar to slayer assignment completion streaks:

Kill interval Points given
Every target kill 3
Every 10th 25
Every 50th 50
Every 100th 75
Every 250th 100
Every 1,000th 150

These points can be then used to purchase rewards from the Bounty Hunter Shop.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 January 2020
Bounty Hunter was temporarily disabled due to concerns with gold farming.
28 November 2019
  • The Bounty Hunter messages warning you that you've failed certain types of tasks are now less spammy.
  • The Bounty Hunter tasks for finishing off a target with a specific combat style have been adjusted to better handle unusual attacks that apply damage simultaneously.
14 November 2019
  • The Bounty Hunter minigame now requires a player to have 48 hours of in-game time, up from the previous 25.
  • In various Bounty Tasks, players are asked to deal the finishing blow with a specific combat style. These tasks are now better able to detect that they've done so, if the finishing blow is part of a flurry of other hits that they're dealing at the same time.
  • Bounty Hunter now waits slightly longer after your previous target kill before assigning you a new one, since players had concerns of not getting enough time after a kill.
  • The duration permitted for a Bounty Hunter task is now 20 minutes, reduced from 30.
  • Prices for bounty crates, looting bags and rune pouches have been changed.
8 November 2019
Hotfix In order to reduce player boosting, only one emblem from the target and killer will be upgraded, rather than up to three.
7 November 2019
(update | poll)
  • The Bounty Hunter interface has been updated, giving more details about the target and other minigame-related info.
  • Points are no longer granted from exchanging mysterious emblems, now being earned from killing targets.
  • Mysterious emblems that existed prior to 17 October were transformed into archaic emblems, which can still be exchanged to purchase items from the original Bounty Hunter Shop.
  • Bounty Tasks have been added, giving additional points if successfully completed.
  • Hotspots have been added, giving additional benefits if killing targets there.
  • New items have been added to the store: bounty crates, bounty target teleports, decorative emblems and bounty hunter hats.
18 December 2014
The Bounty Hunter streak overlay can once again be toggled on or off.
6 November 2014
(update | poll)
  • The Hunter’s Honour is added to the game for 2,500,000 bounties.
  • The Granite Clamp is added to the game for 250,000 bounties as a cosmetic for the Granite Maul
9 October 2014
(update | poll)
Wilderness bosses and demi-bosses on a Bounty Hunter world now have a chance of dropping tier 1 mysterious emblems.
25 September 2014
  • After killing a target players will now receive a 1 minute timer before being assigned another.
  • Emblems now downgrade when dropped on death.
  • Players can now attack their targets even if their target is already in combat with a monster or another player.
  • The BH Kill streak overlay toggle setting is now remembered over logout.
19 September 2014
In order to discourage players from selling lives, several game integrity updates were made to the Bounty Hunter system and some items in the Bounty Hunter rewards shop were tripled in price.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As Bounty Hunter takes place throughout the entire Wilderness, it is not depicted on the minimap by the red star Minigame icon.png which normally depicts a minigame.