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A bowl of water is made by using a normal bowl on a water source that is not a well. The Humidify spell will also turn any empty bowls the player is carrying into bowls of water. Players can use a bowl of water on a stove or a fire to create a bowl of hot water.

Adding some nettles will make it into nettle-water, and if this is heated it will turn into nettle tea. You also can make an incomplete stew by using a potato on the bowl of water, and people do this to make easy profit. Bowls of water, just like buckets and jugs of water, can be combined with pots of flour to make any kind of dough, though this is less commonly done.

A bowl of water cannot be used to counter the desert heat effect as the water evaporates under the heat. The water can, however, be transferred into a waterskin from the bowl.

One bowl of water respawns in the house inside the Desert Mining Camp.==Drop sources==

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