Breath of Fresh Air

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Breath of Fresh Air is a Steam achievement task, which requires the player to "Craft some Air Runes at the Air Altar" in order to be completed. In order to complete this achievement, players are recommended to complete Rune Mysteries, in order to gain access to the Essence Mine. This will allow them to mine rune essence, which is required to craft runes. Alternatively, players may wish to buy pure essence (which is cheaper typically than rune essence) on the Grand Exchange, if they do not want to mine the essence themselves.

Players will need either an air talisman or air tiara in order to enter the air altar. The former is obtained as a reward from the Rune Mysteries quest, and the latter can be crafted by using the air talisman on the air altar, while holding a tiara in your inventory.

The location of the Air altar.