Breath of Fresh Air

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Breath of Fresh Air
Breath of Fresh Air.jpg Breath of Fresh Air (unlocked).jpg
Released 24 February 2021 (Update)
Task Craft some Air Runes at the Air Altar
Members No
Area South of Falador
Reward None
Diary Steam achievements
Diary master None

Breath of Fresh Air is a Steam achievement task requiring the player to Craft some Air Runes at the Air Altar in order to be completed. To complete this task it is recommended to complete Rune Mysteries for access to the Essence Mine, to mine rune essence, which is required to craft runes. Alternatively, pure essence or rune essence can be bought on the Grand Exchange.

An air talisman or air tiara are required to enter the mysterious ruins leading to the Air Altar. The talisman will need to be used on the mysterious ruins to enter. An air talisman is a reward from the Rune Mysteries quest, while the air tiara is made by using an air talisman on the Air Altar with a tiara in your inventory.

The location of the mysterious ruins used to enter the Air Altar.