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Brian is a non-player character who runs Brian's Archery Supplies in Rimmington. He was not originally there when Rimmington was added to the game; he was added when more bows and arrows became available to free players. His prices are slightly higher than most archery shops, and his poor location means he is not used nearly as the archery shops in places such as Catherby and Varrock.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 65.0% • Change per: 2.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Steel arrow 5.pngSteel arrow1500unknownCoins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 7Coins 5.png 10
Mithril arrow 5.pngMithril arrow1000unknownCoins 25.png 32Coins 5.png 20Coins 5.png 9
Adamant arrow 5.pngAdamant arrow800unknownCoins 25.png 80Coins 25.png 52Coins 25.png 26
Oak shortbow.pngOak shortbow4unknownCoins 100.png 100Coins 25.png 65Coins 25.png 25
Oak longbow.pngOak longbow4unknownCoins 100.png 160Coins 100.png 104Coins 25.png 49
Willow shortbow.pngWillow shortbow3unknownCoins 100.png 200Coins 100.png 130Coins 100.png 107
Willow longbow.pngWillow longbow3unknownCoins 250.png 320Coins 100.png 208Coins 100.png 124
Maple shortbow.pngMaple shortbow2unknownCoins 250.png 400Coins 250.png 260Coins 100.png 190
Maple longbow.pngMaple longbow2unknownCoins 250.png 640Coins 250.png 416Coins 250.png 266

Dialogue[edit | edit source]