Bridge (Hallowed Sepulchre)

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Broken Bridges can be found inside of the Hallowed Sepulchre. The player can fix it using a hammer, a saw, 2 planks and 5 nails to reach the other side and loot the coffin. Fixing the bridge requires 56 Construction Construction. Crossing the bridge will reward the player 50 Agility Agility experience.

If equipped or in the inventory, the Hallowed hammer will never break nails, regardless of the plank and nail combination used.

Planks Nails Experience Cost Cost per experience
Plank Steel nails 150 Construction Construction 664 4.43
Oak plank Mithril nails 300 Construction Construction 1,063 3.54
Teak plank Adamantite nails 450 Construction Construction 2,276 5.06
Mahogany plank Rune nails 700 Construction Construction 8,168 11.67