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Released27 February 2002 (Update)
TeleportsTeleport to House (if a player's house is in Brimhaven)
MusicJolly-R, High Seas, Landlubber
Location on World Map
Fishing Platform
Port Khazard Brimhaven Musa Point
Tai Bwo Wannai

Brimhaven is a members-only pirate town located on north-western Karamja and led by the wealthy Scarface Pete. It is a tropical town with mainly wooden or bamboo buildings (the exceptions being Pete's mansion and Mr. Olbors's house, which are made of brick). Although it is mainly inhabited by pirates, who run the Dead Man's Chest inn and the famous Agility Arena, for example, it is also the home of Sandy's Sand Corporation and contains outposts of two Varrockian crime gangs aiming to rob the pirate leader. The street from The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant to Davon's Amulet Store. is called Palm Street.

Features[edit | edit source]

Transportation[edit | edit source]

A view of Palm Street, with the Dead Man's Chest on the right and the Black Arm Gang's hideout on the left.
  • Brimhaven has a ship ride that will take the player to and from Ardougne for price of 30 coins. This ship is located in the northern part of Brimhaven. Wearing a ring of charos (a) will allow you to travel to and from Brimhaven for free. (Must use talk option 4 to travel for free.)
  • If you have completed the Shilo Village quest, Hajedy will offer to take you for a ride in his cart to Shilo Village for a fee of 200 coins, or a small percentage of your carried stack of coins if you talk to him instead of using the quick-travel option.
  • If you have completed the Holy Grail quest and have access to fairy rings, you can teleport to the Fisher Realm using fairy code bjr before blowing the magic whistle to be teleported near the mining site north-west of Brimhaven.
  • If you have 40 construction, you can teleport to the house portal provided you have your house in Brimhaven or use a scroll of redirection from the Nightmare Zone Minigame rewards.
  • Players going there for the first time out of F2P can take the Karamja ship in Port Sarim used for Dragon Slayer I and Pirates Treasure for 30 coins then walk west past the volcano. There are no requirements on the gate.
  • Use the Grouping teleport to TzHaar Fight Pits and run west after exiting Mor Ul Rek.
  • An amulet of glory will teleport you to Karamja just East of Brimhaven.

Charter ship[edit | edit source]

The charter ships also have a dock in the harbour in the north of Brimhaven. It provides rides to several other locations. After completing Cabin Fever, the charter ship fare is reduced by 50%. Wearing the ring of charos(a) also reduces the fare by 50%. These two bonuses can be stacked to reduce the cost to 25%.

Fare table
Destination Cost
Brimhaven N/A
Catherby 480
Corsair Cove 680
Musa Point 480
Mos Le'Harmless 1,950[1]
Port Khazard 400
Port Phasmatys 2,900
Port Sarim 1,600
Port Tyras 3,200
Ship Yard 400
Prifddinas 3,450
  1. ^ Since travel to and from Mos Le'Harmless requires Cabin Fever to be completed anyway, the cost is already halved.

Music[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]