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The Brimhaven Dungeon is an underground cave located south-west of Brimhaven on the members' portion of the island of Karamja. Bring a woodcutting axe.

To enter the dungeon, players must pay Saniboch, who is outside the entrance, 875 coins each time they wish to enter the dungeon. Alternatively, a one-off fee of 1,000,000 coins can be paid for permanent free access. You will also need an axe to cut the vines blocking the path (requiring level 10 Woodcutting). A blessed axe will not work.

Note: If you forgot to bring an axe, a bronze axe spawns in the Brimhaven bar.

Axe Spawn Location if Forgotten

There are also stepping stones in the dungeon that require level 12 Agility to pass. If you fail it (which is quite rare), you will get hit by a low amount of damage. To get further in the dungeon, you will need at least a Woodcutting level of 34.

The cost of entering the dungeon can often be easily recouped, from the drops of the many powerful monsters in the dungeon like demons, giants, and dragons. The dungeon is a popular destination for players seeking to fight greater demons, black demons, red dragons, or metal dragons.

The Wise Old Man travelled to Karamja and ventured into Brimhaven Dungeon, which few people at the time dared to enter. Afterwards, he advised the locals to charge any adventurer who wished to enter the dungeon, which is why Saniboch charges a fee of 875 coins for any player to enter.

Another entrance to the dungeon can be found west of Tai Bwo Wannai. Guarded by Saniboch's sister Banisoch, a one-time fee of 5,000 trading sticks must be given to her before she will allow players to use the entrance. This entrance takes players to the bronze dragon area. You may smith the bars you receive as drops from the metal dragons on an anvil north-east from the entrance, if you decide it's worth the walk.

A Dwarf multicannon may be used within the dungeon.

Location[edit | edit source]

The dungeon can be reached by sailing from East Ardougne to Brimhaven, for a fee of 30 coins or for free when using the Ring of charos. Another sea route can be taken from Port Sarim to Musa Point, again requiring 30 coins or the Ring of charos for a free trip. However, it is a much longer walk to the dungeon entrance from Musa Point than from Brimhaven. Alternatively, one can charter a ship to get to Brimhaven (the Port Sarim-Brimhaven charter ship ride costs 1,600 coins).

The nearest bank, although the quest Shilo Village and 10 extra coins are required, is Shilo Village Bank by using Hajedy's cart. The TzHaar city is also an option.

Teleportation is also practical:

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Personalities[edit | edit source]

  • Saniboch - The guard to the main entrance of this dungeon. Players must pay him 875 coins to enter.
  • Banisoch - Saniboch's sister, who guards another entrance of this dungeon west of Tai Bwo Wannai.
  • Hieve - The elder cousin of Nieve, he guards a massive metal dragon chamber and only allows those with the respective slayer task to enter.

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